Faux Queen: A Life in Drag
Amble Press / Bywater Books
January 25, 2022

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Faux Queen is a book of essays in drag as a memoir. A ballet-obsessed girl moves to San Francisco from the suburbs and finds her people at the drag club. Faux Queen: a Life in Drag joyously chronicles Monique Jenkinson’s creation of her drag persona Fauxnique, the people and cultural practices that crash her identity into being, her journey through one of the most experimental moments in queer cultural history and her rise through the nightlife underground to become the first cisgender woman crowned as a pageant-winning drag queen. Jenkinson finds authenticity through the glee of drag artifice and articulation through the immediacy of performing bodies. She pens a valentine to gay men and their irreverent culture while relaying the making of an open-minded feminist. Faux Queen posits that it might be possible for us to come together in difference on the sticky dancefloor.

Praise for Faux Queen:

Monique Jenkinson is the Jane Goodall of drag. As Fauxnique, she has also become one of it’s most admired primates. This book is a profound herstory of a uniquely fabulous tribe, as well as a deep dive into how to discover, then honor, your own transcendent path. Read and learn.
– Justin Vivian Bond, trans-genre artist

Faux Queen is a playful, engaging, critically serious, counter-culturally crucial memoir that is full of joy – the primal joys of art-making, fandom, connecting with like-minded weirdos, finding your place in the world and allowing your art and obsessions to lead you to it. I love this book.
– Michelle Tea, author of Against Memoir

I’ve read many books about drag over the years and Monique Jenkinson’s ‘Faux Queen’ is officially my new favorite- and I swear it’s not just because I’m in it! Her life story in drag is unique and inspiring. She beautifully and thoughtfully describes an outrageous, provocative, and magical time in San Francisco drag history that’s often misunderstood in hindsight. I’m so grateful to Monique for writing this incredible chronicle of our lives!
– Peaches Christ (Filmmaker / Cult Leader)

I met Fauxnique when I was 24 at a Gay Pride after party and she was wearing like this this mile-long swath of Burberry fabric fastened with like 10 belts and I remember thinking “oh shit, she must be someone important.” AND I WAS RIGHT. Over the years I would come to know her as one of the main fixtures of the latter day “San Francisco” queer performance underground. If multiplicity is to your taste – Monique/Fauxnique can give you a FEAST. Heralding a career spanning 3 decades that meets at the oh-so-perilous intersections of drag, post-modern dance and performance art, feminist theory and critique, and activism, this woman is someone I hold dear as a local performance art hero and a sister who has always answered the phone whenever I called. STEAL THIS BOOK!
– Brontez Purnell, author of 100 Boyfriends

 An incredible window into the magical kiki of San Francisco’s underground drag scene. A voice that is dazzling, sassy and philosophical all at the same time. In writing her memories, Monique/Fauxnique has gifted us a rare invitation to unlock the treasure of queer herstory through the eyes and vision of a faux queen. Taking us on a journey of ballet, punk and fake eyelashes Faux Queen is a living document of the deep connections and histories built by drag queens. I live!
– Julián Delgado Lopera, author of Fiebre Tropical


Out Front Magazine
“Faux Queen is many things at once; it is a life story; it is a coming-of-age story; it is funny, insightful…Faux Queen is a masterfully written memoir.”