Pride 2011

SF Pride Season is upon us, and so far the week has been glorious.

I must say, over the past couple of years, my cynicism about this event has been tempered, by, well, PRIDE — in all of my friends and fellow San Francisco citizens, and all of their brave and beautiful endeavors.

Let’s celebrate!

The weekend is packed with  Some Thing on Friday, Pink Saturday, walking in the parade with Glamamore as she honors Gertrude Stein, and then the party of the season with Juanita More! on Sunday

Then on Wednesday June 29 I premiere a brand new solo, ‘I Want What You Want.’

I am thrilled to be a part of a stunning, engaged group of artists and curators in

This Is What I Want

‘Redefining The Relationship Between Intimacy And Performance’ ( June 27 – 30)

‘I Want What You Want’ premieres in the Wednesday/Thursday program of this 4 day festival, but I highly recommend attending the Monday/ Tuesday program as well.

Tickets here. Shows will sell out!

Curated by: Jiz Lee, Jesse Hewit, Rachael Dichter, Keith Hennessy And Michelle Tea, produced by the Offcenter and co-presented with SOMARTS and the The Garage as an official presentation of QCC 2011 National Queer Arts Festival. Read about it in the SF Bay Guardian.

Lately, I have had the pleasure of being interviewed by some cool, smart people I respect. Such a luxury. Earlier this Spring, Kegan Marling wrote a truly beautiful piece, with an interview, for In Dance. We talked about artmaking as conversation, site-specificity, and the rigors of lip-synch choreography. Read it here. Then I got to talk to literary powerhouse Michelle Tea, who basically gave me my dream interview for the Radar blog before I performed (along with Keith Hennessy & Cintra Wilson) at the Radar Spectacle. Also, look for Kristin Smith’s upcoming piece in The Bold Italic.

More soon on my upcoming project choreographing and co-directing a video for a brand-spankin’ new song by Tim Carr (see the charming video for ‘Shake Your Caboose’ & hear the Never Knows remix)

And last but not least, save the date for Kate Bush VS Bjork at Trannyshack. How could you miss that?