Sometimes I forget to Google myself. Not my favorite use of time. I’d rather see or make some art. But occasionally I must make sure there isn’t something out there that I’m missing. This last time my friends, I found a gem…

NEA Outrage 2

  • Good news – ODC Theater received funding from the National Endowment for the Arts to support some of my upcoming and ongoing work included in their Gender in Translation* programming. Congratulations to us!
  • More good news – because of the above, I seem to have become a poster girl of sorts. On several conservative websites I am the face of the GARBAGE funded by the NEA! A great honor indeed, not only to have some of my work funded, but also to represent what is most hated by those whose values I disagree with most. Bring it on.  #neafaux

NEA Outrage 3

Recently I was talking with my friend and mentor, political artist and activist Keith Hennessy, about whether I make political art. Well here I am, an out and proud political artist.

Seriously though, if you read the content of these sites you really get to step outside the bubble of creative freedom and support that we enjoy in our communities. You’ll start out laughing and end up horrified to see just how frighteningly racist and homophobic their voices are.

We need to double down this election season. This isn’t news. The right-wing bigots are paying attention and we need to as well. If smart people step away in critical anger, no matter how righteous, the bigots win.

I am so proud of the work my community has done, from the monumental to the local. From Black Lives Matter, to Save Our Stud, to #mynameis, we are capable of coming together in solidarity. The voices on the other side, who believe the government should cease to support artists of color, queer and feminist artists are the same ones who make it possible for Trump’s voice to ring so harshly in our ears. These websites seem like the lunatic fringe. A year ago we thought he was too.

Let’s come together in November to make our voices heard.

Apologies to Kegan Marling, whose fabulous photo was used on this ugly website.

*These sites mis-named ODC’s programming which supported my work, and probably got a lot of other facts wrong.