Monique/Fauxnique performs at the Movement Research Festival at Judson Church in NYC

I am honored to be part of a magnificent and eclectic line-up this Monday, November 29th at in the Movement Research Festival at Judson Church.

If you are in New York, please join me for this exciting evening.

More info is below.



November 29 – December 4, 2010

Curators: John Jesurun and Jon Kinzel

TRULY MADLY DEEPLY are the words that compelled the gathering of this varied but deep group of truly mad artists. Together they share and continually recreate an expanding multidisciplinary landscape. We have called them each from a different corner to represent. They are contemporaneous with each other but their creative interrelationships are not obvious. Each is an uncompromising example of not quite fitting into a category. Grouped together it is a complex and multi-dimensional logic of unique signatures. We have also sought to keep continuity between performances, workshops, audiences and presentations; all these are ways to further investigate the work of the festival artists.

The curation has followed the artists’ lead rather than the artists following the curation.