Concrete Techniques for Unclassifiable Performance

This two-day workshop uses imposed limitation—of time, space, materials, and especially physicality—to free and focus the unique artistic voice. It is a direct result of the work I have been doing for the past few years: creating short, tight performances for alternative spaces with little time or resources. Down and dirty.

Although Discipline for Deviants will encourage students to cultivate singular expression and strive toward fearless emotional honesty, it is not about creativity for its own sake or about therapeutic process. It is about using specific, primarily physical, techniques to translate each participant’s vision into performance. We will strive to shed the perceived preciousness and mystery of the creative process. We will apply a joyous rigor to modes of performance that may not be taken very seriously by mainstream culture. Conversely, we will attempt to loosen the stranglehold of “traditional” on “technique.” Using practical tools, I hope to help build a sense of stability, technique and context for the artist working outside classification.

• A short lecture on the history of marginal and interdisciplinary performance.
• Guts & Glamour. Jumping-jacks & sit-ups. Yoga & ballet. Singing & screaming.
• Short improvisations in the service of a quick, decisive product.
• Group critique to open constructive dialogue between artists and to introduce the practice of using an outside eye.
• Playing dress-up.

Discipline for Deviants welcomes artists of all disciplines and physical abilities. Students must be willing to move, perform in front of others, and discuss their work.

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